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Clark’s Prehealth Career Advising Program

Northeast Association of Advisers for the Health Professions – links to health professions websites


Explore Health Careers

American Medical Association: Careers in Health Care

The 20 Best Paying Health-Care Careers Where You Don’t Need to Be a Doctor

Public Health:

American Public Health Association

MA Public Health Association

Schools of Public Health (click on What Is Public Health?)

Public Health Foundation

Health Care for All (click on Job Openings or Advocacy and Policy)

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Public Health Employment Connection

Public Health Jobs

Education Development Center (click on Promoting Health)

John Snow, Inc. (click on Expertise)


American Cancer Society

American Diabetes Association

American Lung Association

Susan G. Komen Foundation

American Red Cross

Massachusetts Health Postings

Office of Community Programs-UMass Medical School

UMass Biomedical Sciences Internship Listings

Health Career Connection

Allied Health Jobs

For more job options or to understand how public health positions can fit into different fields check your local Department of Public Health website, local hospitals and clinics, and local insurance companies.

International Health Care:

Global Health Council Career Network

Public Health Jobs Worldwide

International Public Health (jobs and employers)

Specialized Resources:

The American Occupational Therapy Association (Click on Prospective Students)

The American Physical Therapy Association (click on Education Programs; Student Resources)